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Long or Short Capital's Web 2.0 Analysis

If you are a financial and technical geek, such as myself, and you enjoy a good dose of humor every once and a while you owe it to yourself to check out Long or Short Capital. They recently published a hilarious analysis of Web 2.0 companies that will make you laugh.  Their Satan's Portfolio post is an absolute classic.

They are also the only website I know of that claims to pay a quarterly cash dividend back to their users (I have asked them to pay mine "in kind" with Cheetos and Redvines) which they do mostly for humorous effect but given all the discussion about Yahoo and Microsoft's research into paying their search customers I wonder if the crew at Long or Short haven't hit on a business model (or perhaps just a cost of doing business) that will inevitably become much more prominent in the blogsphere.

February 15, 2006 in Wall Street | Permalink


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