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Top 10 Internet Stocks of 2006

While 2005's Internet winners were dominated by the themes of online advertising and gambling, 2006's key themes were China and broadband.  Four of the Top 10 stocks were focused on China while 3 were focused on broadband infrastructure.

To qualify for this list the company had to start 2006 with at least $50M in market cap and its business had to be focused on the Internet.  So, without further ado, here are the Top 10 Internet Stocks of 2005:

  1. Navisite
    Price Change: 458% Ticker: NAVI
    : If you need proof that hosting is hot again, look no further than Navisite.  This once left for dead application hosting company  had a huge year including  a suspiciously  strong December.
  2. Gigamedia
    Price Change: 243% Ticker:GIGM
    : What do you get when you combine China with gambling? An incredibly hot stock that's what.
    Price Change: 197% Ticker: CHINA
    Comment:  The right ticker at the right time.  With anything China related hotter than a  Szechuan Spicy  Beef, it was's time to shine.  It didn't hurt that  they made a major move in online gaming too.
  4. Akami
    Price Change
    : 167% Ticker: AKAM
    Comment:  Internet video was white hot in 2006 and Akami's CDN serves the most video of anyone so investors saw them as platform level pure play on the growth of internet video.
    Price Change: 129% Ticker: KNOT
    : After a successful merger with long time competitor The Wedding Channel, the proved that near monopoly positions in attractive internet content niches can be quite rewarding.
  6. C-Trip
    Price Change
    : 117% Ticker: CTRP
    : China's top online travel agency benefited from the overall China craze and increased travel by the emerging chinese middle class.
  7. Omniture
    Price Change: 117% Ticker: OMTR
    : The only IPO on the list.  Omniture didn't go public until mid-year but made up for its late start as it became the SASS darling of online analytics and took market share quickly.
  8. The9
    Price Change
    : 111% Ticker: NCTY
    : China.  World of Warcraft.  Need I say more?
  9. Internet Gold
    Price Change
    : 100% Ticker: IGLD
    : Israeli ISP rises due to merger with rival and ventures in online video and broadband access.
  10. Priceline
    Price Change
    : 99% Ticker: PCLN
    : Rising hotel and airline fares combined with increasing business travel send consumers scrambling to find cheap deals the Internet.

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